Recommended Vendors

Trusted Providers

This list of services is provided for your information only. No guarantees are made as to these services. You are encouraged to investigate each business thoroughly before making a decision. Rates and services are negotiated with each company directly. This agent and brokerage makes no representation of workmanship of these Professionals.


U Mortgage – Jessica Eddy, 513-748-6987,

Union Home Mortgage – Sheila Braun, 513-652-2366,

Guaranteed Rate – Amanda Lindschmidt, 513-460-1893,

GE Credit Union – Erika Couch, 513-588-1673,

Third Federal – Frank Gorrasi, 513-276-7989,

RMC Bank – Jebb Lyons, 513-290-4588,

Be sure to visit: to be added to the DO NOT CALL list prior to calling these lenders for your pre-approval.



IPA Inspectors – 513-379-7988,

Dwell Inspections – 513-291-5238,

1st Home Inspections – 513-766-3811,


Title Companies

Tandem Title* – Tessie Ennis,

First Title* – Leslie Beresford,

Residential Title* – Rick Wilson,


Insurance Companies

Wright/Delbow Insurance – Jamie Wright, 740-201-1550,

Advantage Insurance – Jill Sherman, 513-922-9460,

Insurance – DeAnna Hayes, 513-305-9179,


Home Warranties

American Home Shield – Nick Covill, 614-284-9478, 

HMS – Kathleen Oetgen, 513-404-0664, 


*Julie Rose Realtor Group has an affiliated business relationship with this company.

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